The Saint

St. Stella is Toronto's own bendy. buxom. blonde. She has been dancing her whole life and performing burlesque for 8 years. She is a producer with Toronto's smash burlesque and cabaret trio 'A Platinum Production'.  St. Stella was also the founder and creative director of the CanCan troupe sensation "The Knicker Kickers". 

Just don't be fooled, this saint can be a real sinner.

Career Highlights

Burlesque Hall of Fame (Las Vegas)

Great Burlesque Expo (Cambridge, Mass)
2008 - 2012

Toronto Burlesque Festival
2008 - 2014

Montreal Burlesque Festival
2010 - 2012

New York Burlesque Festival

Ottawa Burlesque Festival


Legends Choice
Great Burlesque Expo 2011

Most Beautiful
Great Burlesque Expo 2012

2nd Place: BurlyPicks
Canada Regional 2014


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