Photo by Sly Pereira

Photo by Sly Pereira

MAYHEM AT MISKATONIC: A Burlesque Mystery Game

A madcap comedy, burlesque, choose your own adventure romp that’s part Lovecraft horror and all ridiculous Mayhem. July 2019, (Sold Out) Toronto Fringe.

  • Co Producer, Actor ‘Prof. Jane Dunwich’.

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Photo by Sly Pereira

Photo by Sly Pereira

Ill Met By Moonlight

A brand new adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Combining burlesque, buffoon, theatre and music to create a thoroughly unique, intensely magical and truly queer version of Shakespeare’s comedy. May 2019, The Painted Lady, Toronto.

  • Producer, Creator, Co-adapter, Choreographer, Actor “Puck”.

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Recommended by Toronto Life and The Toronto Star.

Photo by Sly Pereira

Photo by Sly Pereira


A stage adaptation of the Gothic novella by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu - one of the earliest works of vampire fiction, predating Stoker's "Dracula" by 26 years. Taking place in a Victorian world, this 90 minute burlesque-based, immersive production is a campy, sensual exploration of queer sexuality, sexual agency, horror, and forbidden love.

  • Co-Producer, Actor “Laura”.

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In a society where the last resort a woman has is the power of her body, a band of women withhold sex until the war is over and peace is made. Witness burlesque and storytelling band together with slam poetry, songs and striptease - this is Lysistrata.

  • Co-Producer, choreographer, Actor “Lysistrata”.

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